I am absolutely thrilled to be part of this wonderful community here in the Langford and Victoria areas and am ecstatic to join my family and finally call Vancouver Island my home.

Growing up in Edmonton, I was an active kid who snowboarded, played soccer, piano, guitar, and even completed a few triathlons. Near the end of high school, I discovered a passion and talent for dancing. I would go on to work internationally for over a decade, as an artist for dance companies performing across Canada, Japan, and Australia. My first experience of Victoria was performing here during my tours with Ballet B.C in 2004.

The demanding physical lifestyle of a professional artist introduced me to the incredible benefits of regular chiropractic care. To me, a chiropractor’s ultimate value was injury prevention, by keeping my spine strong and flexible. Regular adjustments kept me on stage and helped minimize injuries. The holistic approach to the body, a broad scientific knowledge base, and powerful personal outcomes ignited a passion within me. I wanted to serve people and teach them about their health and physicality, the way I had been so greatly cared for during my dance career.

Taking this passion into academics, I attended both MacEwan University and the University of Alberta (finishing out the year on the Dean’s List), before traveling to Auckland, New Zealand where I earned my chiropractic degree.

Living in New Zealand as a student was an amazing opportunity and I had a phenomenal time there. It reminded me a lot of Victoria with the ocean, outdoor lifestyle, and friendly people.

After graduation, I returned to Edmonton, where I gained valuable experience practicing for four years. During those years I expanded my techniques, gave numerous health talks, and thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the people in my community. I studied how to care for infants and new mothers, completed study in TMJ management, and attended professional meetings with neuromuscular dentists to learn more on how to best manage patients.

When I’m not working with the people in my community, you can find me hiking the beautiful trails around town, beachcombing, running, in the gym, and at a Yoga class.